Sunday Bazaar

Car Bazaar

The Sunday Car Bazaar was mooted way back in 1989. The venue was SARIT CENTRE CAR PARK and the 1st Sunday had 6 cars for display, 3 were used reconditioned imports from Japan and the other 3 were for expatriates working in International agencies in Nairobi as duty free units. The following Sunday the units increased to 15. The operating time was from 10AM to 3PM. The entrance fee was Ksh. 500/00 until the unit is sold. 

It crew in popularity until the car park was full and it interfered with the operations of the Sarit Management and it had to be relocated to WAYAKI WAY ROAD RESEVE . It outgrew the site by clogging the road to Kabete creating issues with the Police, a new home had to be found.

With this new challange and Motor industry (Used Vehicles sector) politics emerged rivalling the new entrants (Used Imports from Japan and Dubai) Vs locally sourced used vehicles. The two scenarios necessitated the formation of an outfit that can address the challenges and the KENYA AUTO BAZAAR ASSOCIATION was concieved after a lengthy meetings spanning six months that was concluded at KENYA INTERNATIONAL HOTEL Nairobi after the registration of the society in March 1997. While processing the documentation the Bazaar was going on at LANGATA ROAD RESEVE (Before the dueling of Langata road). The road came up for duelling and the Bazaar had to relocate to NYAYO STADIUM which became its home until June 2004 when it over grew the area and a new location had to be sort.

Ngong road was considered among other places but lastly the current location JAMHURI PARK ( ASK SHOW GROUNDS NAIROBI) was considered. This has been our home since.

The Sunday Car Bazaar now opens every Sunday from 6.00AM to 6.00PM with current membership drawn from all over Kenya. Non Members who wish to sell their vehicles at the bazaar with a fee of KES. 1000.00  are welcome. 

The Bazaar now is fully DIGITAL and CASHLESS.

Members and Non Members are encouraged to dowload the KABA BAZAAR APP from Google play store to be able to load the vehicle  for sale details, to facilitate payment and for customers to be able to do search, locate the vehicle location and seller at the Bazaar grounds or at any other location (Nationaly or Internationally). 

The Sunday Bazaar avarages around 1500 to 2000 units every Sunday with and avarage of 2300 visitors (customers) checking in every Sunday.

There is a management team headed by DUTY OFFICER on site every Sunday  to assist visitors on issues pertaining to vehicle sales / purchase or agreements. If not on the grounds you can reach the office by email or call +254 104 943 850